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These are our most frequently asked questions

What is the mask made from?

The masks have three layers: Two layers of 100% cotton fabric and one interlining of 100% polypropylene. 

What is the difference between the singer’s mask and the teacher’s mask?


The singer’s mask was designed with singers in mind, therefore the chamber that sits in front of the nose and mouth is larger than in the teacher’s mask.  This allows for a greater degree of resonance and breath space. We recommend this mask for anyone who plans to sing in their mask.


The teacher’s mask is designed for those who do a lot of public speaking. Not only is it useful to teachers but also to church ministers, those working in the medical field, or anyone who is tired of having their mask get stuck in their mouth when speaking or their voices becoming muffled. The chamber in front of the nose and mouth is smaller than in the performer’s mask so it is less suitable for those doing a lot of singing.


Both masks fit very snuggly to the face. The singer’s mask has adjustable elastic straps that go behind the head and neck whereas the teacher’s mask has elastic straps that go over the ears. Due to this reason, the singer’s mask tested better during the fit test than the teacher’s mask. 


Both masks have wire across the top that allows the mask to fit very snuggly to the nose. This means that your glasses won’t fog up when wearing the mask!



How do I work out whether I need a child size mask or an adult size mask?


The difference in sizing between the child size mask and the adult size mask is small. If measuring from the side of the face (in line with the middle of the ear) – across the top of the nose – and to the other side of the face, the adult size measures 9.5 inches while the child size measures 9 inches. However, the chamber in front of the nose and mouth is considerably larger on the adult size mask therefore it is more suitable for larger voices. Generally the child size mask will fit children between the ages of 6 and 14/15 (depending on the size of the child) and the adult sized mask should fit most teens from the age 14/15 and older.


Is the mask washable and how often should it be washed?


Yes, the mask is washable and it should be washed between each day of wear.


The recommended washing instructions are:


Hand-wash in hot water and air dry in a well-ventilated area. Please do not place masks over an air vent to facilitate drying.

What is your return policy?

Unfortunately due to the safety and hygiene aspects of this product, it is not possible to return this item once it has been removed from the packaging.

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